Welcome to Dudes Down Under.

Dudes down Under is my book. My crazy outrageous book.
But...this site isn't only to promote Dudes.

This site is about writers, Contests, critiques, query letters...and the myriad of other necessary and time consuming things a writer must do these days to become known; and even more importantly....Get  Published.

I will have interviews, guest bloggers, and all my contests will be blind entries. I will allocate a number and the author will submit using only the title of the work and the random number i give them.
It's keeps popularity out of the decision making process. All contributors to the contest concerned may vote...but NOT for their own entry.

Questions? Suggestions?
Contact me here direct. Or on my email. stacey.danson06@Gmail.com

also take a look at my other website for my soon to be published book 'Empty Chairs" under my pen name of Stacey Danson.