Brief Biography.

Suzannah Burke began her writing career at the age of fifty-four. Her confidence in her ability to put something on paper that others would enjoy reading was not at an all time high. Encouraged by her daughter and friends she began to write short stories and poetry for a USA based on line writing community. After winning  excess of ten competitions for her shorts and poetry, she finally attempted her first novel. Dudes Down Under. A comedy/romance.

She has recently signed a publishing contract for her Biography “Empty Chairs.” Written Under the pen name Stacey Danson. “Empty Chairs” is a personal, raw and often brutal look at Child Abuse in all its forms. Be warned it is a no holds barred, raw and honest account. First Chapter, available on Night

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Synopsis, for Dudes Down Under.

Dudes Down Under, the most luxurious resort ever built. It sits on a privately owned Island on the Great Barrier Reef, off the northernmost region of Australia.

There are, no cell-phones, no computers, no paparrazi.

The Main Menu:

The world’s most famous talk show hostess and the owner of the island sign a deal, the result; Hollywood's 'A' listers all vying for a chance to be the first guests.

The method: they pay half a million dollars for the privilege of being randomly chosen from a barrel of names on her programme.

The Ingredients:

The winners, include Hollywood’s foremost golden couple.  His very unforgiving ex-wife. 

The young hotel heiress with a habit of driving whilst drunk and little else to commend her.  Blend in a couple of famous expatriate Aussie actors

Add the tower owning king of power with an unfortunate hairstyle and attitude.

Plus the television ‘hostess with the mostest’ and her film crew.

Add to the mixture:

The most politically incorrect bunch of Australian staff you are likely to meet, anywhere.

The Piece De resistance:

Cyril, who has impeccable dress sense, adores Al Pacino and Marlon Brando, drinks to excess, and has a fascinating attitude about well—everything! Well ... yes--he is a Crocodile, but he's family.

Blend the ingredients carefully then stand well back!

'Dudes Down Under' is waiting for you to arrive.